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Project Log:  Sunday, December 12, 2010

One good thing about the hull design of the Fisher 30 is that the topsides are relatively low over most of the boat's length, and are broken into small, manageable areas by the freeing ports and rubrail beneath.

One bad thing about the hull design of the Fisher 30 is that the bow is really high, much higher than the rest of the boat.

I continued where I left off yesterday evening and finished sanding the hull, again using a 6" orbital finishing sander equipped with 80 and 120 grits.  This process removed the gloss and shine from the hull and prepared the surface for additional steps later; these additional steps would include minor ding and gouge repair, and additional sanding with a vibrating sander.

I used my 4' rolling staging to complete the sanding.  I could do most of the work with the platform set at the 3rd  level, but to reach the highest points of the wave-battering bow, I had to move the platform to the topmost level, which I preferred to avoid since the staging was much more stable with the platform at any other height.

I was happy to complete this phase of hull sanding:  one more important step towards the goal of wrapping up all the surface prep and repair work by the end of 2010.  Now it really looked like the boat was on its way to a new life, and I'd no longer need to make excuses or explanations to visitors about the plans for the hull.  A sanded boat, to me, was indicative of solid progress and left the unmistakable whiff of change in the air.  (Or was that gelcoat?)





Total Time Today:  2.75 hours

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