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Project Log:  Monday, November 8, 2010

I spent an hour or so drawing up and specifying details for one of the six tanks I'd measured for the other day.  I planned to work up the details on the remaining tankage throughout the week as time allowed; details to follow when complete.

With some time available in the afternoon, I decided to continue the surface preparation process on the decks.  The decks featured original gelcoat in generally good condition, though faded, oxidized, and worn as one might expect in a boat of this age.  Full paint was always a foregone conclusion.

I began on the aft end of the starboard sidedeck.  Using a vertical axis random orbit (VARO) finishing sander, I sanded the deck, inside of the bulwark, and the sides of the cabin trunk using 80 and 120 grit discs, working my way forward to the foredeck and termination of the cabin trunk. 

These were the first of several different sanding steps ahead.  This round of sanding removed the final remains of adhesive from the decks, as well as surface contaminations, and abraded the gelcoat surface to provide a proper substrate for later steps.  Later, I'd return for additional sanding with a different tool, and by hand as necessary.

With this area complete, I moved back and sanded the starboard side of the pilothouse, again with both 80 and 120 grits.


Total Time Today:  3 hours

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