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Project Log:  Sunday, April 8, 2012

To begin, I peeled the masking tape away from the hatches and carefully released the hatches from the tape and epoxy beneath.   The hatches released without damage, leaving behind all the tape for my later removal.


The tape was well-stuck to the epoxy, and it took a while to peel and scrape away the remains, after which I lightly sanded the surfaces as needed.  At the same time, I reamed out some of the core from around the edges of the hatch opening, preparing it for an epoxy fill.


After cleaning up the debris, I filled the gap at the edges of the openings with an epoxy mixture, and used more of the same to form a small fillet around the outer edges of the hatch opening as formed by the new epoxy platform, to ease the transition and make the appearance more pleasing.


For the rest of the day, I worked on the new trim that I milled earlier, sanding all the pieces through various grits to remove milling marks and till the contours were smooth and ready for varnish.  It always takes a long time to sand new trim.

These photos show the various profiles:

Cabin Edge Trim
(To conceal indirect lighting source)

Dinette Seat Cushion Fiddle

Dinette Backrest Shelf Fiddle
Galley Countertop Fiddle

After dusting and solvent-washing the various pieces, I applied a sealer coat of varnish to all sides.

Total Time Today:  4.75 hours

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