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Project Log:  Sunday, August 5, 2012

After removing the masking tape from the areas I painted last time, I prepared to install the two shelves in the former hanging locker.  I ran the fresh water supply line for the forward tank down from the PVC conduit, which ran behind the galley, and to the space beneath the lower shelf, protecting the hose from chafe with some lengths of sacrificial hose in a couple key areas.


I installed the lower shelf with screws along three edges.  This would allow easy removal in the future if I needed better access to the utility space beneath.

Then I installed the upper shelf, again with screws along the two edges that had cleats.  Later, during trim-out stages, I'd add a cleat and trim across the face of this shelf to hide the plywood edge grain and help support the shelf.  For the remaining portions of the locker, I needed some additional materials, so this was as far as I could go for the moment.


It seemed as good an opportunity as any to complete the hose run forward to the final water tank.  I'd led the supply line from the locker into the storage area beneath the v-berth, and to continue it to the tankage space I secured it along the after bulkhead, then forward beneath the berth platform to a new hole I drilled through the water tank bulkhead, which I lined with more sacrificial chafe hose before completing the hose run to the supply valve on the tank.


In the galley, I installed a pump soap dispenser for dish soap.  Because of the numerous spigots, and other clearance concerns, I chose to locate the dispenser off to one side. 


Total Time Today:  1.25 hours

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