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Project Log:  Wednesday, December 12, 2012

With a short window of time at my disposal, I decided to do a little work on the trim in the forward cabin.  With a chisel, I removed the excess bungs from the curved forward trim, then lightly sanded the new corner and edge trim as needed to prepare for finishing.  Meanwhile, I lightly sanded the veneer panels on the cabin trunk, as well as the chainlocker bulkhead, to prepare them for additional varnish at the same time.  I hoped to move the varnish work along over the next several days or week, as these areas were the final major interior components requiring finish varnish.


Late in the day, Jason stopped by with the completed dinette seat backs, and also to test-fit one of the wedge-shaped cushions slated for the forward and after bulkheads in the dinette.  With a 10° bevel on the foam, we had some concerns about how the new cushion would visually interface with the "regular" seat back cushions on the longitudinal bulkhead, so we thought a mockup before upholstering the pieces would be smart, just in case we needed to make any substantial design changes.

Fortunately, the wedged cushion--designed for improved seating comfort versus the vertical bulkhead itself--looked like it'd work well, without any particular visual weirdness.  Jason took the blanks back to his shop for completion, probably by the end of the week.


Total Time Today:  1 hour

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