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Project Log:  Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taking advantage of a free afternoon, I first finalized the calculations and measurements for my new propeller shaft, adding in standard allowances for the taper length, hub clearance, and other factors. The end result was 60".

I continued work on the recessed helm console, starting with a pair of hardwood cleats to support and secure the inside corners.  I let the cleats hang long since later I'd be trimming off all the excess below a certain (still to be determined) point.

Small bit by small bit, the console became to come together, as I worked to translate the rough dimensions of the mockup into something approaching reality.  I fitted and dry-installed a small shelf to form the bottom of the compartment, from which I could the begin to lay out the angled electronics-mounting face.  I didn't permanently install the flat area since I'd need to remove the entire box later for trimming.


From this basis, along with a cleat angled at the required 60°, I worked to locate and install support cleats for the face, using a couple temporary plywood patterns as guides for the position of the panel.  With some trial-and-error and various cuts, I fitted the two ends of the simulated panel to match the angles involved, and eventually used the panels themselves to mark for the location of the required support cleats by holding them (one side at a time) tightly against the bottom cleat and marking along the back sides.


Next, I cut hardwood cleats to the required angles and installed them.


Later, I could use the two halves of the panel to cut and fit the final, full-width panel.  It's much easier to cut and fit when working with only half at a time.

With the basic pieces in place, I cut and installed cleats from beneath to add support for the enclosure, and dry fit several screws to align and prepare the panel for final installation.   I traced the panels along the edge of the cleats for reference, and removed the entire box for trimming on the table saw.


With the alignment set by the screws I'd installed before, I reinstalled the trimmed enclosure.  There was more trimming to be done along the face of the angled panel, but that was for next time.


Total Time Today:  4.25 hours

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