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Project Log:  Sunday, March 4, 2012

In order to install and support the compass binnacle in my chosen centerline location, I needed a short extension over the corner of the companionway opening.  With the binnacle in its place (note that the port edge of the companionway opening is actually the boat's centerline), I cut a oversized rectangular piece of plywood to fill the corner and then scribed a line to match the shape of the binnacle, but 1/2" further out.  I cut the curve and tested the fit; to support the corner block now and during its final installation, I hot-glued a couple paint sticks across the opening beneath.


After a long period of internal debate extending far beyond the reaches of my memory, I'd eventually settled on cherry for the final surface of the flat dashboard.  Completing the black-finished helm console had cemented the decision for me; I'd been considering using more of the matte black material for the dash, but decided it would be too much.  I liked it for the control area, but to use more would have moved away from the look I was going for.  So I created a basic paper pattern of the dash area, and used it to cut the top surface from 1/4" cherry plywood.



To install the "veneer", I applied epoxy adhesive with a small notched squeegee, then weighted and clamped the plywood down from the top.  I used more of the adhesive to secure the compass corner block in place; the veneer plywood above would help hold it, and eventually there'd be additional support from below as well.


Next, I cut four small pieces of black Kydex to fill in several small areas of the helm console. (Actually, I did this before gluing the new dash top in place, as I wanted to remove the console surfaces to keep them out of harm's way.)  I'd install these pieces permanently later, along with the requisite trim around the edges; I'd needed to complete the dash before I could turn to the trim, however.

It was a good time to finish off the engine room painting.  It'd been a couple weeks since I installed the final through hulls and glassed the bottom of the mizzen mast A-frame, so after lightly sanding the A-frame tabbing to smooth any rough edges, I cleaned up the area, masked around the through hulls stuffing box assembly, and painted the after sections of the engine room, plus the area around the depthsounder transducer forward.


Total Time Today:  4 hours

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