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Project Log:  Saturday, April 20, 2013

While hardly a great stride towards the grand goal of project completion, it was a pleasure to finally find a chance to make some progress for the first time in seven weeks--a terrible delay that I hoped would not be repeated.

For some time, I'd had a pile of raw cherry door frames that I glued up earlier collecting dust in a corner of the shop.  Sanding large amounts of trim like these 15 or 16 doors was never a chore to look forward to, and for that reason--plus the fact that I thought the time available fit the task--it seemed the perfect job to push through during the afternoon.  In the process I'd get an onerous task out of the way, and make an important step forward.  With the interior so nearly complete, it'd be nice to finish and hang these doors, and if I got them sanded it'd be that much easier to complete the varnishing and other final steps.

Over the course of a few hours, I sanded all the doors through the grits to remove milling and layout marks and smooth the surfaces.  The smallest group of doors, which were only 4" high in total with about a 1" tall center opening, proved to be as time-consuming as the larger doors, since I had to hand-sand the frame edges within the narrow openings.  I decided to let the dust in the shop settle before proceeding with the varnish sealer coat.



Progress is progress.

Total Time Today:  2.75 hours

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