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Project Log:  Friday, December 6, 2013

I had other things to do, but I wanted to sand the new primer while it was fresh (the longer it sits, the harder and more difficult to sand the product becomes), and to keep the progress progressing.  So I spent a couple hours sanding the new primer with 320 grit, by machine and hand as necessary.  Since this was the final deck primer, I'd next have to work on blending the new work with the areas I'd primed previously, but I'd do this a little later in a separate work session.  For now, I accomplished the goal of sanding the new work.

The sprayed finish primer always self-levels beautifully, and is a joy to apply and sand since it always ends up so smooth and sands easily, with little time and effort required to smooth the surface--much easier and more pleasurable than the high-build, which is much harder to sand and never self-levels appreciably.





Total Time Today:  2 hours

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