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Project Log:  Saturday, November 2, 2013

I spent the day sanding the new high-build primer with 220 grit, by machine and hand as applicable. With a lovely, unseasonably warm day on hand, and the big door open, the job was almost enjoyable--or at least as pleasant as such work could be.   I was glad that I'd parceled the deck off into these sections, since at least the scope of sanding work was manageable within an easy day's work.

Afterwards, I vacuumed up the decks and solvent-washed. 





The high-build primer worked to seal any repair work, evening out the various textures between epoxy work and old gelcoat, as well as filling small voids, porosity, and pinholes here and there.  The sanded surface provided a consistent base for the much finer, lighter finish primer that would follow (which in turn would provide the correct substrate for the high-gloss topcoat).  I always considered the high-build to be a final step in the overall surface prep, rather than the first step in the painting prep, though it was a fine distinction.

Total Time Today:  7 hours

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