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Project Log:  Sunday, December 14, 2014

After several more minor adjustments, additional cuts, and finally some rounding of the two after corners--all of which I accomplished with numerous trips up and down from the boat--I got the forward hatch frame to fit into position around the hatch as needed.  Once there, I clamped it tightly in place.


The tight clamping impressed up the top edges of the frame the locations of the machine screws that secured the hatch above.  After removing the frame once more, I used a Forstner bit in the drill press to ream out openings at these screw locations, which would allow the frame to fit tightly to the molded fiberglass and leave spaces around the fasteners.

Clamping the frame in place once more--this time its final position--I used a semi-flexible metal ruler to mark the four sides of the frame where they extended past the overhead, transferring the shape of the overhead to the frame.  With the frame down in the shop once more, I cut to these lines with a jigsaw, and cleaned up with a sander before trial-fitting the frame once again.    Now that the bottom edge of the frame was flush with the overhead surface (though the perspective on these photos sometimes makes it look like it still protrudes), I'd be able to trim out the opening with cherry, covering the remaining gaps, which was the ultimate goal.


Satisfied with the fit, I secured the frame in place with epoxy adhesive, clamping it tightly to the molded recess.


During the week, I'd refinished the louvered doors for the tall locker opposite the head, and now hoped to install them and finish off yet another space.  I installed the first door, noting how much shorter the door was than the opening, but not thinking that much of it--I'd just trim out the bottom of the opening later--but when I went to install the second door, I noticed that there was a 1" gap between the doors, which was obviously not right.  Clearly, there must have once been additional trim around the opening that moved the doors closer to each other, and filled the gap top to bottom.  It'd been so long since this part of the boat had been together that I couldn't remember any trim, and hadn't thought it necessary.


This was disappointing, as it meant more work required to finish off this opening after all.  Reviewing some original pictures, I could see the trim detail on the opening, and since I'd saved most bits from the original boat I thought I might still have it, whether to reuse as is (refinished), or as a template for new trim.  I'd have to go looking for it.

Photos from August 2010 showing the locker doors and trim

Total Time Today:  2.5 hours

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