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Project Log:  Thursday, June 18, 2015

The heating system had had  plenty of time to cool overnight, so I drained a gallon of water from the system to make room for antifreeze, which would mix with the water remaining in the system to create the proper solution of water and antifreeze.  I actually slightly (and mistakenly) overfilled the coolant tank, so it might vent a little during its initial rounds of operation.


With work in the engine room complete for now, I could finally close things back up and put back the floor panels, which had been off the boat for some time.  Meanwhile, I loaded on some of the gear that went with the boat, preparing for launch in the near future. 

Later, I installed a set of roller furling line lead blocks along the starboard side.  These blocks slipped over the tops of the stanchions, which was easy enough thanks to the removable stanchion tops.


Total Time Today:  1.5 Hours

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