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Project Log:  Saturday, December 4, 2010

While awaiting the arrival of the new sander I planned to use in the cockpit, I used another tool to sand and strip the teak caprails.  I'd grown weary of the mottled appearance of these rails:  an amalgamation of weathered wood, stains, flaking Cetol, and so forth.  This was one of those "feel good" jobs--something that would need to be done eventually, but I chose to do it now in large part because I simply wanted to look at something nicer (i.e. bare teak).

The rails would need some repair work, rebunging, and plenty more sanding, but I thought things already looked better.  For the moment, I just sanded around and as close to the various obstructions as I could.  Detail work would come later. 

I was still undecided whether to bother trying to remove the various cleats and U-bolts that were still in place (various rigging attachment points); access to the nuts beneath these pieces of hardware was difficult, far up inside the molded bulwarks.  I'd yet to make an attempt to rig up a long-enough ratchet extension to undo these bolts, and was of two minds whether or not to even try.  In any event, for the moment they remained in place, and I'd make the final decision later.




By lunchtime, my new sander had arrived, so I spent the afternoon sanding the remainder of the cockpit and cockpit coamings, completing this round of deck sanding.



The next step on the deck work would be hole filling and patching, and other repairs as necessary, followed by additional machine and hand sanding to fully prepare the surfaces for high-build primer.

Total Time Today:  4 hours

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