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Project Log:  Monday, December 20, 2010

With a free afternoon on my hands, it was the perfect opportunity to install the patches on the larger openings on deck, which I'd not been able to get to as hoped during my last work session.  To that end, I cut circles of biaxial cloth to the appropriate sizes for the various openings, then installed them in epoxy resin.  Based on the depths of my tapered areas and the thickness of the original top laminate, I installed two thicknesses of material on each patch.



I'd yet to address filling the 1-1/2" holes I'd bored in way of the ragged location of the original mooring bit on the foredeck.  To fill these deep holes, I cut circular pieces of 3/4" G-10 prefab epoxy laminate to fit closely within the bored holes (two layers to make up the depth of each hole, for a total of eight pieces).

I installed the solid laminate plugs in beds of thickened epoxy, completely filling the overbored holes in the deck.  The two plugs in each hole brought the level to within about 1/8" of the deck surface, so I covered the tops with additional epoxy.  Once these patches cured, I planned to grind a large area encompassing all four holes, then to install layers of fiberglass to incorporate the entire repair with the surrounding deck.  (In the forward cabin, later, I planned to install additional fiberglass to reinforce the area beneath.)


Total Time Today:  2.25 hours

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