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Project Log:  Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yesterday's new fiberglass and round of fairing filler had cured overnight, so I continued the process by sanding the now-hardened results.  I sanded all the fastener locations (now on their second fill), the new fiberglass patches on deck, and the first round of filler on the through hulls.

The solidly-filled holes in way of the forward mooring bit had cured overnight, and now I used a grinder equipped with an angle flap disc to grind out an area encompassing all four holes and beyond.



After the usual round of vacuuming and solvent-washing, I applied a third coat of fairing filler to the fastener holes and other areas on deck, this time using a two-part fine fairing compound (gray in color).  The finer material would work to take care of the minor depressions and pinholes left by the first two rounds of shop-made microballoons-based filler.



The newly-glassed holes on deck (those ventilator and deck fill holes) were a couple steps behind the other areas, so I applied the usual first round of fairing filler to those areas (red color).


The first round of filler on the through hull patches had turned out well.  For the second application, I used a 12" knife to pull the material across the patches, ensuring as fair an application with the adjacent hull as possible.



On the foredeck, I installed two rounded rectangular layers of biaxial cloth over the mooring bit holes, filling the area I ground out earlier.

Total Time Today:  5 hours

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