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Project Log:  Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The gray Alexseal fine filler that I'd applied to portions of the deck was not yet cured enough to sand.  Though I'd anticipated this, knowing that in the cooler temperatures of the shop this filler tended to require a solid 24 hour cure, I'd still been holding out hope, but instead I moved on to other things I could do.

To begin, I washed and sanded the first round of fairing filler I'd applied to the new deck patches, and the new fiberglass patch over the mooring bit holes on the foredeck.  At the same time, I sanded the filler over the various through hulls. 

Afterwards, I applied more fairing filler to the deck patches as necessary, and to the mooring bit patch.  Interestingly, it's easy to see the footprint of the old anchor windlass in the deck, as defined by a slight depression that fairing with a wide knife made visible.



All this work, in part, was leading up to a final couple rounds of surface sanding in all areas.  Since the deck was not yet ready, I moved on to the hull.  With a vibrating palm sander, I sanded the entire hull twice more, with 80 and then 120 grit paper.  It doesn't really look any different in the photos (well, it does if one looks carefully), but I promise that I really did sand it twice more.  These were quick sands designed to even out any sanding marks left behind by the more aggressive random-orbit/rotary finishing sander I used to sand the paint earlier. 



These would be the final rounds of sanding required for the hull (and later the deck) to prepare these surfaces for high-build epoxy primer (which I'd apply somewhat later in the process), other than spot sanding here and there once I had a chance to apply fine filler to the through hull openings and a few minor dings in the topsides.

Total Time Today:  4.25 hours

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