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Project Log:  Sunday, October 10, 2010

After removing the entire pilothouse sole structure, I spent a few weeks performing death-defying stunts in order to gain access to the boat.  I'd set up a rickety old mini-stepladder perched precariously upon an ill-fitting piece of scrap 2x6 that was the closest thing at hand, which at least allowed me to pretend to be able to make the step between the cockpit and the depths of the engine room, but I took my life--or at least my health--in my hands each time I had to step in or out.

With other fall chores at hand, I'd not had much time for any real projects on board, but with a spare hour late in the day I decided to slap together a construction ladderway so that I could more safely and comfortably get in and out of the boat while the pilothouse was disassembled.  From 2x4s, I put together a simple 2-step ladder that secured over the fiberglass lip of the pilothouse door and which legs rested upon the hull and bottom of the bilge.  It wasn't luxurious, or representative of fine craftsmanship, but it'd work, and it was certainly more secure.

Total Time Today:  .75 hours

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