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Project Log:  Thursday, October 28, 2010

Now that the old water tank had drained out completely, it was time to get it out of the boat.  Fortunately, the tank did fit through the narrow opening into the forward cabin--until the welded pipe nipple to which the supply hose had connected hit the door frame.  I couldn't see how maneuvering the tank in any other manner would allow this 2" projection to pass; the tank itself barely slipped through with only millimeters to spare as it was. 

So I had to cut off this welded nipple; this sealed the tank's fate:  replacement.  Not only did I not like the location of the supply fitting, but now I'd had to cut this off, meaning the tank couldn't be reused as is.  I figured by the time I had the old supply fitting repaired and/or moved, installed an access port, and cleaned the tank thoroughly, I might as well start fresh.  And so it goes.  I also thought I'd spotted a leak in one of the welded seams during yesterday's removal; certainly the tank's construction was inelegant at best to begin with.

In any event, once the nipple was gone I was able to remove it to the cockpit with relative ease from there.  The tank, welded from stainless steel, was heavier than one might think, and eventually I moved it up to the foredeck before sending it out the door to the ground below.  I'd take some detailed measurements of the old tank so that I might have a new one built of similar size.


Next, I removed the poured-in expanding foam that had surrounded the tank, an easy task.  The minimal plywood platform also came out with ease, leaving me with yet another empty, clear space ready for whatever I wanted to do with it.


Soon, I'd continue the bulk sanding efforts, and looked forward to cleaning up the forward cabin.  It looked like replacement tankage would be this winter's big expense for this project, as the new tankage for fuel and water would have to be the first thing to go back into the boat before I could truly begin rebuilding the interior.

Total Time Today:  1 hour

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