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Project Log:  Thursday, September 9 2010

With an unexpected delay at work, I found myself with much of a day available to work on the Fisher.  I continued with some of the parts removal and demolition, beginning with the propeller and shaft.

I removed the propeller with a prop puller with no undue effort.  The brass (or bronze) key in the stainless shaft was well stuck in place, though, and took a while to free so that I could pull the shaft out of the boat through the engine room; the coupling was still attached.

The shaft featured a non-standard taper, and was in only fair condition with some scoring and crevice corrosion, and I'd never anticipated reusing it.  I set it and the propeller aside.



Up in the boat, I removed the remainder of the steering gear, including the heavy cable, brackets, and the entire helm console, which I intended to rebuild along with the remainder of the pilothouse.  With some difficulty I removed the teak wheel, which I hoped to reuse.  I set aside the various pieces of the helm console to use as guidelines for reconstruction later.  I also removed a manual bilge pump from the lazarette, plus its related through hull fitting (which unscrewed with only hand pressure).



I removed the "dashboard"--the wide, flat countertop across the front of the pilothouse, which was badly damaged and required replacement; plus it was likely that I'd slightly reconfigure this area, including the companionway.  The dashboard was secured with little nails at the aft end, and glassed to the bulkhead at the forward end; I had to cut the tabbing to remove the shelf.  I knew I'd regret removing this shelf, as it formed a handy place to store tools and such, but I couldn't stand it any longer.


In the cabin, I removed a miscellany of some of the remaining little screwed-in fittings from the bulkheads before it was time to quit for the day.

Total Time Today:  4 hours

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