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Project Log:  Saturday, April 2, 2011

Projects of this nature are full of small jobs that have seemingly insignificant (or no) bearing on the final outcome at the time it's required to complete them.  And so it was with the minor work I completed on the caprail on this day--minor chores that didn't bring the vessel noticeably closer to completion, but were required nonetheless.  If nothing else, however, such levels of work help maintain the critical momentum of the project.

When I reinstalled the caprail in January, I allowed excess sealant to ooze from beneath the rail, and then left that excess strictly alone while the product cured to allow for easier cleanup; at wintertime shop temperatures and humidity levels (low temp, low humidity), this required several weeks for full cure.

Cleanup time was now, and although I'd knowingly postponed the job several times, in the end it took only about 15 minutes to remove the excess, cured beads of sealant from along the inside edges of the caprail-bulwark juncture with a little putty knife and finger pressure.  The outside remained to be done later, at some other time when I had some staging set up.

Afterwards, I cut a few dozen 1/2" teak bungs, then went around and installed them in the caprails as needed, filling all the counterbored holes containing the caprail fasteners.




Total Time Today:  1.25 hours

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