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Project Log:  Sunday, August 21, 2011

Now that the components of the internal cabinets behind the dinette were complete, I could move forward with the final installation of the backrest and shelf above, which in turn would allow me to continue the additional construction above.

Early in the day, I coated the underside of the shelf piece with a sealer coat of varnish; for the moment, I left the top side uncoated, which I could do later on.

Sometime later, the seal coat had dried sufficiently to continue work, so up in the boat I applied glue to the various cleats that would support the backrest and secured it in place with screws through holes and counterbores I'd previously bored while the piece was on the bench for another operation.

After dry-fitting the top shelf, I made some reference marks to show where the support cleats lay, then laid out and drilled a series of screw holes and counterbores along these lines.

Against the hull, I installed a bead of epoxy adhesive, then applied regular glue to the support cleats before placing the shelf in position and securing it with screws through the new holes.  I applied a coat of sealer varnish to the top shelf once it was in position.


Finally, I prepared a few dozen cherry bungs, and installed them in all the screw holes.


Total Time Today:  2 hours

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