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Project Log:  Tuesday, February 1, 2011

As per usual, I wrapped up the new tabbing work with a quick wash and sanding.


Armed with new sealant, I installed the final two sections of the caprail on the port side; this proceeded fairly easily, though I had a bizarrely difficult time starting the nuts on one of the U-bolts (and not even the most difficult, forwardmost one).  Eventually, I got the job done.

The caprail rebedding project, including hardware removal; caprail removal, cleanup, repairs, sanding, initial finishing, and reinstallation, consumed a total of 26.25 hours over the past few weeks.  I was pleased to have this behind me.


At lunchtime, I drove once again to a neighboring town for a rendezdvous with someone from the tank company:  my water tanks were done, and just in time.


Continuing with the process of tank layout and installation, I carefully positioned the two fuel tanks where they needed to go, using some scrap foam to hold them against the hull for the moment, and measured and marked for holes through the new bulkhead to allow access to the tank drains.  Each tank included a drain at its lowest point for ease of maintenance.

Pipe nipples and shutoff valves were on order and due within a day or two, but to ensure proper clearance for the drain assemblies I temporarily installed a pipe-hose adapter I had on  hand that had the 1/2" pipe thread to fit the drain hole in the tanks.  This was only to test the fit and fine-tune the holes as needed.


Next, I carried the new water tanks into the boat and tested their fit beside the fuel tanks.  There'd be minor adjustments here and there during final installation, but what I was mainly checking for was to ensure that both tanks fit within the length of the plywood bulkhead; they should have, and did.  This wrapped up the work for the day, but now I could begin to close off the aft end of the space and finalize the tank installation.



Total Time Today:  5.75 hours

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