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Project Log:  Monday, January 31, 2011

To continue the installation of the new engine room tankage bulkheads, I removed the temporary screws and clamps and prepared the area as needed (i.e. solvent wash).

Next, I applied epoxy fillets to the seams between the bulkheads and hull on both sides, and along the inboard edges of the forward vertical seams against the main pilothouse bulkhead.



While the fillets began to gel, I cut strips of 6" biaxial tabbing to fit the bulkheads inside and out, enough for two layers with staggered seams along the inside and outside edges of the bulkhead-to-hull seams, and a single layer to reinforce the vertical edge of the bulkhead where it met the transverse bulkhead.  Then, I spent the remainder of the day installing the tabbing.

Careful observers will note the small patches over a couple round holes in the port transverse bulkhead, which I added mainly to prevent the expanding foam I planned to use around the new tanks from spilling out of the space through these holes, and also a small patch over the end of one of the engine foundation sections on the port side, where removal of something or another from the original space had torn the original tabbing.



To reinforce the starboard transverse bulkhead patch in the area where the tankage would be installed and ultimately bearing upon, I added a strip of tabbing to the seams--probably unnecessary, but it was easy to do now.

Total Time Today:  3 hours

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