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Project Log:  Saturday, February 26, 2011

I had only a short while available, so I spent the time on a few extremely minor projects as I prepared to begin work on other areas in the boat.

The main support structure for the pilothouse sole was complete, and earlier in the week I'd cleaned up and sanded the fully epoxied laminated beam for the aft cross member. 

I'd hoped to use the old pilothouse sole sections to give me a temporary workable surface, but unfortunately I found that the old pieces were simply a terrible fit and wouldn't suffice for even a short period.  For the moment, I installed the longest piece, which gave me access forward, but clearly I'd need to buy more plywood soon so I could build the actual sole substrate.

For some time, I'd been eyeing the starboard bulkhead containing the new tankage, and thinking it seemed slightly skewed.  I'd been careful, I thought, to install this perpendicular to the forward bulkhead at the time, but installing the temporary floor section highlighted the fact that the underpinnings were skewed inboard towards the aft end (the port side was OK).

Further investigation with a framing square revealed that the new bulkhead was closer to perpendicular near the bottom, where I'd originally used the square to position it, but at the top edge was about 1-1/2" out of square (towards the centerline)at the aft end, 48" aft of the forward bulkhead.  Curiously, this measurement corresponded closely to the difference in the width of the boat that I'd highlighted some time ago--possibly a coincidence, or maybe just an excuse.

In any event, it was what it was and I made a mistake somewhere along the line, but fortunately this wouldn't cause any particular issues--aesthetic or otherwise--in the  upcoming construction; nonetheless, I would have preferred the bulkhead be properly positioned.  It was the sort of error that would bother me, but would be virtually unnoticeable if I didn't point it out.  Life would go on.

Finally, I modified my junky 2x4 construction ladder so I could use it for the 24" step from the pilothouse to the main cabin.

Total Time Today:  .75 hours

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