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Project Log:  Monday, January 17, 2011

The final sections of caprail required the usual round of repairs to address old, unused fastener holes, small cracks, and, in several areas, more significant cracks and damage.  The two aftermost sections were the worst, particularly in way of the two U-bolt locations one each side, and the difficult removal of this hardware hadn't done the wood any favors either.

The port forward caprail section had a split at each end where the wood had simply broken away at some point long before I bought the boat. I left these two repairs for later, and concentrated on the hole-filling and crack repair for the moment.

I prepared each board as needed  by drilling holes for new bungs, cleaning out the opened cracks, and so forth, and then installed bungs and glued various seams and cracks together with teak-colored and slightly-thickened epoxy resin, as I'd done with various trim pieces over the past few weeks, and set them aside to cure overnight or longer.  In several cases, I had to bung old holes on both sides of the boards, since hardware had been installed in the sections where the caprail overhung the large freeing ports.

Total Time Today:  1.25 hours

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