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Project Log:  Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To wrap up work on the cabin sole substrate, I washed and lightly sanded the new tabbing and other areas, then cleaned up.  It was nice to have a firm, sturdy platform underfoot; plus, this meant that now I could start various interior projects as time and logic allowed.


After spending a bit of time on board sort of mentally thinking through many of the jobs ahead, I decided that the caprails had to be the priority:  I needed to get those back in place and secure at least some of the U-bolts while I had the clear access from beneath.  Until then, I couldn't start the work in the engine room, which was the next space demanding my attention.  Only after the caprails were back on, and the U-bolts reinstalled, could I move on to building bulkheads and installing the tanks in the engine room, all of which I needed to complete before I could build a new pilothouse floor--something for which I was growing increasingly anxious.

Fortunately, most of the major work on the caprails was done; there was more sanding to do on four of the sections, and then there was the port forward piece that required some repairs at its end.

To repair the damaged caprail section, I made a clean cut to remove the splintered edge; I found I could use the miter saw for this cut, which guaranteed a clean joint line.  Then, I glued an oversized block of teak in place, clamping it securely till the epoxy cured.  Later, I'd use the opposite rail as a template to mark and cut and shape the repair as needed.

I'd hoped to also glue a smaller repair at the aft end of the same section, but the mechanics of gluing and clamping didn't work for that end while the forward end was being clamped, so I left that repair for another day.

Total Time Today:  1.75 hours

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