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Project Log:  Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I planned to epoxy and tab the V-berth platform all along the hull sides, but to ease this process and also add additional support from beneath, I decided to install some interim supports on each side. 

From a laminate of plywood and epoxy that I had left over from another job, I cut four wedge-shaped blocks to fit the angle of the hull; the tops of the blocks were level with the platform.  In two equally-spaced locations on each side, I glued these blocks to the hull just below the level of the base of the V-berth platform with epoxy adhesive, using tape to hold them in place while the adhesive cured.

Several hours later, the epoxy had cured to the point that I could remove the tape, epoxy-coat each block all over, and install lengths of 4" wide tabbing to help secure the blocks to the hull.


The large aftermost access hatch in the V-berth platform required additional cleats on the two athwartships supports (at the aft end of the water tank and along the aft bulkhead).  I cut plywood cleats to appropriate length and installed them with glue and screws.  These cleats would support the forward and after edges of the access hatch.


Meanwhile, I prepared cleat stock for the platform itself, and cut, fit, glued, and screwed the cleats in place around the myriad access hatches in the two sections of V-berth platform, and also drilled finger holes in the hatches after cleaning up the cut hatch edges with some sandpaper.


Later in the day I applied some paint to the underside of the V-berth access hatches, as well as to the cleats around the openings in the platform itself. 


I returned to the pilothouse, where I installed an epoxy fillet along the bottom corners where the new dashboard met the pilothouse walls.  Once filleted, I cut and installed 4" wide biaxial tabbing to reinforce the joint and complete the basic installation.

I intentionally left small spaces at the forwardmost corners to provide a channel for wiring later on.


Total Time Today:  5.5 hours

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