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Project Log:  Saturday, May 14, 2011

After several weeks away from the project traveling, working on other commitments, and preparing my sailboat for launching--I managed to get aboard for a few moments of breathtaking excitement and removed the masking tape around the black sealant filling the void alongside the caprails and cockpit coaming.  The tape peeled away without much difficulty, and by peeling it tightly back against itself the removal left an essentially clean line where sealant met caprail/coaming, subject to fine-tuning later.


While I expected the summer months to allow only meager progress overall, I decided, while ordering materials for another job, to commit to the purchase of various sheet goods that I needed to complete parts of the interior work, from pilothouse sole to main cabin paneling. 

Since the lack of these material on hand had stymied progress during the previous weeks, I thought it made sense to have the material I needed on hand for the moments I might carve out to work on the boat.  I looked forward to the opportunity.

Total Time Today:  .75 hours

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