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Project Log:  Saturday, May 28, 2011

With a new supply of sheet goods on hand, I could finally build the new pilothouse sole substrate.  I built the new sole in three sections, all of which would remain removable for engine room access.  Because the sections were rectangular with square corners (except for the starboard section, which required an angle cut on the outboard side thanks to an irritating layout issue that I described in an earlier report), construction was straightforward.  I built the sole from 18mm marine Meranti plywood.  It was nice to once again have a full cabin sole in the pilothouse, something I'd been without since September of last year.


There were many directions I could go, but I decided to get back to work on the fuel tank filler recess pockets I'd started some time ago.  The molds were complete, and after one additional coat of wax for good measure, I pressed on with the lamination.

For each part, I cut three pieces of 10 oz. fiberglass cloth, which I chose in this instance since I knew it would conform better to the shape of the molds than heavier, denser material.  On each mold, I installed the three pieces of cloth, and added an additional strip of cloth on the flat areas that would become the mounting flanges.  This was enough material for the moment:  I wanted to define the shape and let the material cure before returning later to add additional reinforcement.

I let the material run wild off the edges of the plywood, and only worried about wetting out and securing the areas that would be part of the finished piece.  Eventually, I'd trim all but about 1-1/2" of the flange around the edges.


Total Time Today:  2.75 hours

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