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Project Log:  Sunday, October 30, 2011

I continued work on the engine room insulation, this time with the port bulkhead and, later, the small forward bulkhead beneath the eventual helm area.

The process was a bit smoother and quicker this time.  For each piece, I created a paper pattern, cut out the shape, and covered the edges with the mylar tape before installing the insulation over the studs and with additional screws, as before.



To protect the mylar covering from damage around the somewhat (unavoidably) ragged holes at each stud location, I cut 2" squares of the tape, drilled 1/4" holes in the center, and placed these little patches over each stud.

There was plenty more insulation still to cut and install, but there was no immediate need to do so.   My main motivation for completing these three main pieces was so that I could build and install plywood panels to support various engine-related systems, filters, and other components when the time came.

For the panels, I retasked some of the old 3/8" plywood from the original V-berth platform that I'd saved during demolition.  I cut panels to size, drilled holes for the mounting studs, and checked the fit of each piece.


The plywood was already varnished or resin-coated on both sides, but I didn't want brown panels in the engine room, so I sanded the exposed surface and milled a rounded profile on the edges, then applied a coat of primer to the top surface, first of several coats of white paint that I'd apply to the panels.

Finally, I sanded and varnished the trim pieces I had underway at the time.


Total Time Today:  4.75 hours

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