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Project Log:  Sunday, April 15, 2012

To begin, I took a few minutes to wash and lightly sand the new fillets around the mid hatches, completing the work there for now.


I continued with the trim on the port side of the main saloon, starting with a few additional pieces of quarter round trim to wrap up the work in the various corners.


Next, I cut and fit all the pieces of seat cushion fiddle around the dinette platform, bunging the screw holes when complete.  There was still trim required on some of the dinette structure corners, but I'd not yet milled the pieces for those areas.


Moving to the starboard side and the galley, I prepared to install the cabin trunk/indirect lighting trim, just as on the port side.  However, since the galley stove projected slightly beneath the overhang, I planned to install some heatproofing and metal shielding directly over the stove, so I'd omit the trim in this area.  To demark the area, I extended plumb lines up from the edges of the stove and noted them on the cabin side; these marks would be the end of the trim on each side.

Fitting the trim here was more straightforward since I could cut two shorter pieces rather than one full-length one.  After the usual cutting and fitting, I eventually finalized the cuts on both ends of the two piece, and sanded a smooth profile on the ends facing the stove area where the trim ended.  As before, I installed the trim with epoxy adhesive and short screws, and bunged the holes.


The galley fiddle was the last section of pre-milled trim that I had on hand for the moment.  The installation was straightforward.  Where the trim met the stove in the center, I made an angled cut to let the trim die down to the level of the stove. 


I didn't leave any openings in the fiddle for countertop cleaning since they were unnecessary here:  on the sink side, the "scraping block" opening I'd made in the countertop over the trash can would take care of this, and on the opposite side of the stove I could brush or sweep the countertop off the edge if I just opened up the refrigerator lid.

I ran out of time before I could fit the final piece of fiddle on the lid of the refrigerator compartment, so I'd finish that up next time.



Total Time Today:  5.25 hours

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