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Project Log:  Saturday, April 21, 2012

I finally found time late Friday to apply another coat of satin varnish to the dash and console in the pilothouse, a job I'd intended for last weekend but never got around to.  The end result was satisfactory, and this meant that I could move on with the satin varnish on the side bulkheads and windows next, as well as continue work on the various console-based installations at my whim.


Continuing with the trim work in the main cabin, I began by paring away the bungs I installed last time.  Then, I cut and fit the final piece of galley countertop fiddle on the refrigerator access hatch.  Since it seemed natural--despite the nearby ring pull--that we'd end up lifting this hatch by the trim, I decided to mill a hand hold in the fiddle to make lifting easier. 

I installed the trim with glue and two brads to hold it while the glue cured, since driving screws into the 1/2" plywood would be insufficient, and I didn't want to add additional blocking that could get in the way of the refer itself or the front cover panel that I'd be building later.


Next, I cut and fit trim around the back edge of the stove cutout, incorporating the wooden blocking I'd used during the stove's installation some time ago.

Wrapping up a short morning's work, I cut and installed several pieces of quarter round trim around the galley countertop and cabin trunk on the starboard side.


Total Time Today:  4 hours

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