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Project Log:  Friday, June 15, 2012

It seemed I finally had all the fittings necessary to complete the steering lines and their final connections.  To begin, I made up three shutoff valve assemblies to isolate, if desired, the autopilot pump from the rest of the system.  Two of these assemblies required tee fittings (for the main steering lines), while the third fitting required only an inline valve for the compensating line.

Next, I made up all the final connections in the after steering room, using two additional short lengths of the same Kevlar-reinforced hose I used for the main run, connecting the various lengths to the appropriate fitting in the valves and tees. I secured the valve assemblies to the forward bulkhead of the space, where they'd be convenient but out of the way.  The stiff nylon compensating line required different bend radii to connect with its fitting on the pump, and so I formed a loop above, securing it with a cable tie, which held the line in place.


With a new supply of hose on hand, I spent the rest of the day working on the fresh water supply system.  I needed one more line run from the starboard utility space above the engine room (where I'd be locating the pump and water system manifold later) to the galley, so I began with that.  Beneath the galley, I installed brass tee fittings in the two pressurized supply lines (hot and cold) so I could run additional lines over to the eventual shower in the head compartment.

The newest line to the galley actually needed to run across the boat to the water heater, for the hot pressurized supply, so after some thought as to how to actually run this (and two additional) lines across the boat I moved ahead with the job.  The nature of the tankage and related cabinetry design meant that I had to run lines through the after bulkhead of the space, and then across the boat beneath the cockpit, aft of the engine room. 

I didn't have fittings for the water heater immediately at hand (though later I found them in my fittings kit), so I left extra hose nearby for later final connection.  Meanwhile, I ran two additional hose lengths from starboard over to the port side:  one for the water heater cold supply, and the second for the port water tank main line.  I secured these hoses beneath the cockpit, but would need some chafe gear on the starboard side where they turned upward towards the utility space.



To finish up the longest hose runs, I ran a final line from the engine room up towards the forward water tank, snaking the hose through the upper conduit beneath the galley.  I left extra length at the forward end for eventual connection to the tank.


With the pump, accumulator, and filter on hand and ready for preliminary locating and mounting, I found a need for a few additional plumbing connectors and adapters (as always), so I complied the orders and made plans to continue the plumbing work in the near future.

Total Time Today:  5 hours

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