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Project Log:  Saturday, June 23, 2012

With only a brief time available to work, it seemed a good day for some easy, small jobs.  But each step forward, however small, was one step I'd not have to take later.

To begin, I prepared the two fan heaters--the "outlet" components for the heating system--for installation by installing bronze pipe-hose connections at their inlets and outlets, along with bleed valve  assemblies on the outlets to allow for air removal from the system during filling or if otherwise needed.  I selected 90° fittings for both heaters since this made the most sense given how the hoses would run to them later.

This complete, I secured both fan heaters into their respective openings, in the pilothouse and beneath the dinette, where they'd await final connection to the heating system hoses.



I turned to the masts, and stripped some remaining hardware from the mizzen mast, first step towards eventual repainting over the summer.  Many of the fittings were riveted in place, so I drilled out the rivets as needed.  After some thought, and after seeing the (good) condition of the mast beneath the previous installations, I decided to leave certain hardware in place, mainly the tangs for various shroud attachment points, since these seemed in good condition with no reason to remove them otherwise.  For some reason I didn't take many photos of this process other than to document existing positions of various hardware for future reference as needed.


I'd been planning to paint the spars white, but after receiving the new, anodized booms (in the typical silver/aluminum color), I thought maybe I'd go with that color instead, relieving me of the need to paint the booms to match.  It seemed a shame to have to go through all the painting prep steps with the clean new booms, and I didn't mind aluminum-colored spars as long as they were in good condition.  But the faded, ugly gold anodized appearance of the original two masts simply had to go regardless.

Total Time Today:  2 hours

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