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Project Log:  Sunday, May 27, 2012

I spent most of the morning working on the wiring in the console, making up the various wire ends dangling from the fuel gauges and nearby switches on the port side of the console.  I secured the wires to a terminal block and negative distribution buss that I installed for this purpose. 


With the pre-installation of the upper portion of the console essentially complete, I decided to install the main electrical panel.  I'd ordered this panel with hinges so the entire panel could swing open for access.  The panel in its flush, covered enclosure required four bolts to secure; I'd previously drilled the bolt holes in the console panel, so this was a simple process.


After cleaning up from the morning's wiring chores, I sanded and revarnished the cabin trunk sides on each side of the main cabin; I'd not been satisfied with the first coat of satin varnish on these surfaces, though I thought it was OK on the remaining areas I'd applied.


Sometime later in the day, while I was doing other things (non boat-related, amazingly, though my mind was somehow always on the boats), I had a small epiphany about the steering hoses.  I realized that the hoses didn't need (or even want) to extend to the steering cylinder, as they'd need to tee off into the autopilot pump first.  Therefore, I thought that the existing hose lengths would probably be adequate, since they extended enough into the after steering room for this purpose.  This was good news.  I'd deal more with this later, but the mere thought of it was enough to cheer my afternoon.

Total Time Today:  4 hours

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