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Project Log:  Sunday, November 12, 2012

I continued work on the ceiling.  With the top strips of full-length material in place all the way down to the deadlight frames, next I continued with several shorter sections to fill in around the frames.  I pre-cut all the pieces somewhat overlong, then temporarily installed them, letting the ends run wild over the deadlight openings.

After marking the edges of the frames on the ceiling strips, I removed them and cut to the proper length before reinstalling them permanently.  I needed a full-width strip across the bottom, with notches cut as required for the deadlight opening, to complete this section.  I didn't install any screws around the deadlight frames, as they'd be in the way of the trim I'd install later; and anyway, the trim would be screwed in place and would secure these ends on its own.

Next, I continued with full-length strips, working on both sides of the boat and choosing planks randomly.  By the time I ran out of pre-milled material in the afternoon, I'd reached the bottom of the aft end on each side, letting the planks die out naturally.  I cut the angle wrong at the aft end of the last full-length plank on the port side, but left it alone since the small trim I planned at the ends would cover this. 




Small gaps formed at the bottom by the truncated plank ends as they died out just past one of the support strips would never be seen once the cushions were in place, so I didn't attempt to taper the planks out to sharp points to fill in these areas, preferring to leave a square edge that was less susceptible to damage.

I'd need to mill a few more strips in order to finish up the forward sections, though each plank required would be much shorter than the one before thanks to the angle.  Considering that I'd actually mistakenly milled roughly half of what I had meant to, thanks to a inept miscalculation on my part, I was pleased with how far I'd gotten, and glad I'd not milled double the amount after all.  Still, I would have liked to have finished the job, but since I never expected to have enough material to do so at this time, I was happy with the progress.

To get a sense of how much material I needed to finish the ceiling, I lined out the remaining sections and made rough measurements of each plank, noting the lengths so I could mill as few pieces as required.

Total Time Today:  4.5 hours

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