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Project Log:  Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sticking with the forward cabin, I worked on the overhead support cleats. I'd already done the layout and cut the cleats to length, so despite my inclination to dread the job, it went quite quickly.

After washing the bonding surfaces with acetone, I applied polyurethane adhesive and secured the cleats with temporary screws, as I'd done elsewhere with the overhead.


Just forward of the end of the cabin trunk, with its curved profile, I needed a curved section of cleat in order to secure what would become the aft edge of the overhead.  For this, I used a 4" wide strip of plywood to scribe the necessary shape, and cut out a 1" wide curved strip to fit.  Afterwards, I installed it with glue and screws.

I moved on to the plywood cleats to surround the deadlight flats I'd been working to create.  Armed with plywood cleat stock, a portable miter box and hand saw, epoxy adhesive, and hot glue, I cut and fitted the rhomboid-shaped cleats around the deadlight openings, working off the reference lines I'd laid out before.  In a few places, where curvature was more pronounced, I used clamps through the openings to hold the cleats while the adhesive cured; elsewhere I relied on the hot glue to do the same.

There was something wholly unsatisfying about this work.  Necessary as it was, the end result lacked interest or appeal of any kind, but was an important means to an end that I was happy to expunge from my mental list, and a few steps closer to getting to the finishing-off work in yet another compartment of the boat.

Total Time Today:  3.75 hours

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