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Project Log:  Sunday, August 18, 2013

The caning had dried overnight, so with a sharp knife I trimmed away the excess from all the doors, after which I test-fit each door in its opening, marking each door with its location and which was the hinge side for future reference.  A few of the doors--they were rabbeted overlay doors--required that I increase the size of the rabbet along one or more of the edges in order to fit properly in the openings.  A saw blade's width, and one pass through the table saw, took care of this as needed.


I installed brass overlay hinges on each door, on the required side in each instance.  The spline securing the caning stood proud of the door frame, so I had to chisel it away in way of each hinge to allow them to fit flush. 

I predrilled and installed each hinge with brass screws.  On the opposite side of the door, I drilled a hole for the brass knobs I planned to use; I only had a few of these on hand, so I couldn't install them all, but I prepared the holes in any case.


Eventually, I worked my way through all the doors in this way.  I thought of beginning the doors' installation on board, but I didn't have many of the door catches I'd need to secure the doors, and hadn't made any backing blocks for the catches, so I decided to hold off on installation till I had the supplies on hand.

Total Time Today:  3.5 hours

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