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Project Log:  Saturday, January 12, 2013

Earlier in the week, I performed a series of milling operations on the cabinet door blanks that I'd glued up earlier.  In separate operations, I used a router to mill 1/4" roundovers on the inside and outside edges of the frame, then milled 3/8" square rabbets on the back of the doors to provide the overlay required for installation.  Sometime soon, I'd get to work sanding the blanks smooth for varnish work.


I moved forward with additional wiring, beginning on the starboard side.  Thinking about the additional lights, pumps, and other components in the forward and starboard sides of the boat, I snaked six additional wire pairs through the wire chase behind the galley--enough conductors for the job plus at least one extra set for future use.  I cut the six lengths of wire to allow sufficient length for slack at the forward end, as well as the wires' lengthy route from the galley, through the starboard utility space and engine room, and eventually into the console, then pulled all six sheathed cables through at once.  I left the raw forward ends alone for now.


After leading the wires through the after bulkhead and into the starboard utility space, I added a couple additional conductors for other lighting circuits and the fresh water pump, both located in that space, plus an additional cable into the galley area for the 12-volt refrigeration, then led the whole cable bundle through the engine room and to the console, where I'd make up all the final connections. 


There was a lumpy-bumpy section of the aft pilothouse wall where I'd omitted the cherry paneling, choosing to leave the area open for some future treatment.  this worked in my favor now, as this area made a logical place for the starboard wiring harness to exit and pass into the engine room; later I could build a box to cover the whole area, including the wiring.  So I drilled a large hole and passed the wires through, then added a length of hose for chafe protection before leading the wires forward along the starboard and forward sides of the engine room on their way to the console.


Some of the earlier wiring I'd run--electronics and other lighting circuits that I'd installed before completing the overhead in the main cabin and elsewhere--was already inside the console, but still required final connections.  Adding the numerous new conductors from the morning's work created a vaguely overwhelming situation, but eventually I got set up and started sorting through the cables as I began to figure out how and where I'd run the cables for their final connections within the console and to the main electrical panel.


To begin, I installed a little set of rocker switches for the indirect lighting in the main cabin, choosing the face of the console beneath the bilge pump switch.  I ran the wires from the LED rope lights that I installed earlier up to the switch, then another set of wires that would provide the power supply to the switch.


This became the first wire officially hooked into the main electrical panel (oops, I blindly put that wire on the wrong side of the breaker...will fix that).  Many more would follow soon.


Total Time Today:  6.25 hours

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