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Project Log:  Sunday, November 24, 2013

I started by vacuuming and solvent-washing the entire deck.  To prepare for priming the remaining portions of the deck (cabin trunk sides, foredeck, sidedecks, and most of the bulwarks), I masked off the bulk of the already-primed portions of the deck, starting with some plastic to cover the pilothouse. 

To help blend the new primer with that which I'd already applied, I left wide borders of already-primed surface between the new tape lines and the areas still to be painted.  This way, I could allow overspray to extend somewhat onto the existing primer, without forming a hard, thick paint line right at the tape, making for easier blending.

In this way, I masked off the coachroof, pilothouse, cockpit, and forward bulwarks--all the areas I'd just finished priming.  Though I covered the pilothouse with plastic, I used a band of paper at the lower edge (nearest the new paint to come), since plastic, once painted over, tends to crack and flake paint bits all over once touched.  This doesn't happen with paper and tape.  The port openings and freeing ports were already masked off from much earlier in the preparation process.





In order to paint the remaining areas, I set up staging around the forward 2/3 of the boat--actually the first time I'd set up staging around this boat on a large scale. I didn't need to stage the after end since the coamings and cockpit area was not part of the next phase of priming.

To gain height at the bow and allow me to reach the center part of the foredeck and cabin trunk, I stacked additional staging planks on each other, giving me enough height for spraying at this stage of the game.  The height I ended up with probably wouldn't be enough when it came time to spray the topcoats a little later on, particularly the forward bulwarks, but was OK for what I needed now.




Total Time Today:  4.25 hours

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