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Project Log:  Wednesday, November 27, 2013

As a final step to prepare for the high-build primer on the sidedecks, bulwarks, and cabin trunk, I used the paint manufacturer's proprietary solvent to wash the deck areas one final time. 

Along the base of the pilothouse and forward edge of the cockpit coaming, the overlapped paint edge was a bit closer to the side of the cabin trunk then elsewhere, and though it wasn't really necessary, I wanted to try a technique using foam masking tape to help blend overlapping paint applications.  The foam tape is supposed to ease these blended areas quite effectively, and while I'd be sanding the primer and smoothing this transition later anyway, I figured it was a good chance to see how the product worked and learn from the experience to better utilize it later, something that might be necessary or helpful in a few areas where I was likely to have to blend two different applications of topcoat.

So in these areas only, I applied a length of 13m foam masking tape, right at the corner where the pilothouse met the cabin trunk below, so I could see how this technique worked for future edification, and to help avoid a sharp paint line there that I'd have to sand more heavily. 



Total Time Today:  1 hour

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