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Project Log:  Saturday, October 26, 2013

I surprised myself by wrapping up the masking and high-build primer prep (at least for the initial areas to be so treated) in less time than expected--good news, but the reality was that I'd hoped to be at this point in the process about three months earlier, which just didn't happen thanks to various other commitments and demands on my time. 

In the event, picked up where I left off, and completed the masking work on the starboard sidedeck, where I covered the bulwarks and decks with paper to protect them against overspray from the coachroof and pilothouse painting.


Access-wise, I'd also be able to include the forward bulwarks in this first round of painting, so I masked around those areas accordingly.  My plan was to include direct sidedeck access on each side of the boat (via ladders), so I could climb aboard into the masked-off sidedecks and spray the coachroof and pilothouse on each side of the boat; I'd also be able to reach the foredeck area under this approach.


Next, I installed plastic over the cockpit, taping it to the previously-masked lines I'd installed around the perimeters.  this left most of the coamings exposed for painting in this round.  The actual cockpit, and aft end of the pilothouse, would get addressed sometime later, after I'd completed the paint work on all other areas of the deck an hull.  This was to give me ample time (and hopefully inclination) to finally address the structural changes to the cockpit, which a recent review of the project logs showed I'd been whining about consistently for years (while continuing to ignore the actual work).


To allow myself access to the cockpit coamings for spraying, I set up two sections of staging around the stern, and set up two ladders--one on each side--that would give me access to the decks for spraying those areas, as well as direct access to the pilothouse roof if needed.  Meanwhile, I draped the topsides with sheet plastic to protect them during the deck painting exercises.



Finally, I solvent-washed the exposed deck areas with the paint system's proprietary solvent and settled in to wait till I could paint.  I'd created a quandary for myself in that with the day's unexpected efficiency I'd forced a week-long delay in the process.  I needed two consecutive days in order to apply and sand the paint, since I always liked to sand as soon as possible after application while the paint was still relatively soft (as with all epoxies, the primers continued curing and became harder over time).  So I'd have to wait till the next weekend in order to allow myself the time required. 

This would be a continuing need (and frustration) throughout what was to be a very drawn-out painting process--while the end result would ultimately be satisfying, and a huge checkmark on the list, it was a process to be endured rather than enjoyed.

Basically, this was how I envisioned the process for the decks in the weeks ahead:

1.  Spray and sand high-build primer (3 coats) on phase 1 areas--coachroof and pilothouse [2 days]

2.  Spot and pinhole filling/sanding as needed [1 day]

3.  Spray and sand finish primer (3 coats) on coachroof and pilothouse [2 days]

4.  Unmask phase 1 areas; blend parting line; and remask/final prep for phase 2 (sidedecks, bulwarks, and cabin sides) [2 days]

5.  Spray and sand high-build primer (3 coats) on phase 2 areas [2 days]

6.  Spot and pinhole filling/sanding as needed [1 day]

7.  Spray and sand finish primer (3 coats) on phase 2 areas [2 days]

8.  Unmask phase 2 areas; blend parting line; remask deck for topcoats [2 days]

9.  Spray gloss topcoats (3 coats), hopefully on all areas in one session--details still to be worked out  [1 day, hopefully]

Onwards and upwards.

Total Time Today:  2.75 hours

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