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Project Log:  Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Though I'd completed the trim on the pilothouse overhead long ago, and the overhead panels had been in the main cabin for just as long, the main cabin and forward cabin still needed the trim to cover seams in the overhead panels and screw locations. I started with the main cabin and passageway.


Over the course of the day, I cut and fitted the various trim pieces in these two areas, starting with the centerline seam and then working my way through the transverse pieces on each side as needed.  I installed the trim with screws and finish washers into the plywood overhead and the framing members beyond.



Because of the way the trim met the centerline strip, and the bulkheads fore and aft, I'd not pre-milled the rounded edge detail on the planks, as certain areas needed to remain square so I marked the joints for reference, and made other marks as needed to indicate these and other areas.  Soon I'd remove the trim, label each piece, and mill the edges before sanding and finishing, but for the moment I left things in place.

I ran out of time before I could trim out the base of the companionway opening, which required some trim to cover the edge of the overhead, the ends of the other trim pieces, and the screw locations around the opening itself.  I'd get to this, as well as the overhead hatch trims, in the near future.


Total Time Today:  5 hours

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