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Project Log:  Tuesday, February 25, 2014

After two additional coats of paint, it looked like I was closing in on the running light boards.  Time-consuming little things, but one of those fun little side projects that would just look cool.  (They were also functional, of course.)


Up in the head, I test-fit the shower pan once more on the new support cleats, and started a little layout for the head platform.  I was awaiting some parts for the through hulls that would dictate the placement/height of the platform, so I didn't get far in the layout.  To save space, and hopefully allow the fittings to be hidden--yet accessible--beneath the head platform, I needed a bronze elbow to realign the shutoff valve for the large 1-1/2" fitting.  Constant readers may remember that I installed a waste storage/treatment system beneath the V-berth; all overboard discharge would be treated.

For a time, I considered installing the discharge through hull forward, near the treatment unit, but eventually I discounted this idea as being too difficult to access the through hull.  I like to close all through hulls possible when not in use, and having this critical one buried beneath the berth, with access only from the top (inconvenient at best) simply wouldn't be a practicable idea.  So I'd keep both intake and discharge fittings in the head space itself, where they'd be easily accessible for regular operation.

I reviewed old photos of the space to bring back the memories of how it'd been originally laid out, for general reference purposes only.  What a mess.

Photo from August 26, 2010

Photo from September 10, 2010

To prepare for the final installation of the shower pan, I painted out the space beneath, which would help keep it cleaner in the future, even though the space would be completely hidden.

Meanwhile, I prepared 3/4" thick backing plates for the head through hulls from some scraps of G-10 fiberglass.  I barely had enough to do the larger backing plate.


I also milled up several pieces of cleat stock from some mahogany scrap; I'd use these to support the head platform and small vertical panel beneath.  Other aspects of the head space were still coming together.

Since my delivery had not yet arrived, I switched gears and returned to exterior varnish work, with another coat on the bulwarks and rubrail.



By the time I finished the varnish, I'd received the new parts I awaited, one of which was a 1/2" Marelon through hull/drain fitting for the shower sump.   Whatever fitting had originally been there was long gone, but the hole remained.  After final preparations, I installed the new fitting in the corner of the sump, packing it into a bed of thickened epoxy to seal the hole and hole the fitting in place.


Total Time Today:  3.75 hours

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