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Project Log:  Monday, January 20, 2014

With some time available during the day, I continued work on the bulwarks, sanding and varnishing once more.

Note:  no photos for this day's work.  As I prepared to post this update, and after downloading photos from my camera, I experienced a computer crash, and was unable to retrieve various data from a failed hard drive, including these photos that had not been backed up elsewhere.

Imagine pictures of the varnished bulwark planks here.

Continuing to close in the decks and make the boat weathertight, I turned to the deck hatches.  I'd sourced (much earlier) three new Vetus Magnus hatches:  a large one for the forward cabin, and two smaller ones in the main cabin.  With the openings already prepared during earlier stages of the project, installation of the hatches was generally straightforward.

In each case, I performed a dry-fit, then predrilled and tapped fastener holes for machine screws, in my habitual way.  This done, I cleaned the mounting surfaces and applied beads of sealant to the hatch flange, then installed each hatch with new fasteners into the tapped holes, cleaning up excess sealant afterwards.

Imagine pictures showing drilled and tapped holes, then a hatch with sealant gooped on its mounting flange, then the same hatch in place with sealant squeezed out all over, and finally the same hatch with the sealant cleaned up.

I repeated this process for the second hatch in the main cabin.

Imagine the same set of pictures described above, but on the other side of the boat.

Afterwards, I turned to the forward hatch.  The day was growing late, but I'd enough time to dry-fit the hatch and prepare the fastener holes.  I left the final installation for another time rather than try to rush through in the time I had remaining.

Visualize the larger forward hatch opening with drilled and tapped holes around it.

Total Time Today:  3.25 hours

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