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Project Log:  Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Using small bits of time spread out over a few days, I got to work preparing the cockpit for paint--a long overdue task that had, over the past years, become a rather comical--if self-frustrating--situation. I decided to take care of the cockpit first, out of all the items on the required list before the boat could be moved and launched under her new ownership, because it was the most time-dependent task remaining, and simply needed to get done--and now.

To protect the rest of the boat against overspray, I began by covering the decks and pilothouse with plastic sheeting, as well as draping more sheeting around the stern and over the hull over a safe area, as well as the beginnings of the cockpit masking itself.  During earlier painting efforts, I'd overlapped the finish paint onto the coamings and around the aft corner of the pilothouse, and now I needed to blend these areas in with the new paint.  I started this process with masking well outside the existing paint line, and then some sanding at the seam to blend it with the cockpit substrate within.  I'd use more foam masking tape to help blend the new paint seamlessly with the old, but that step would come just a little later.

There was plenty more masking and related prep to complete, which I'd continue working at over the next several days as time allowed.

Total Time Today:  2.75 Hours

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