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Project Log:  Saturday, April 25, 2015

I spent most of the day working to complete the cockpit masking and preparation for primer.  With the rest of the boat already masked off for protection from my earlier session, I concentrated on what remained:  various installations within the cockpit, and the transition between the unpainted cockpit and the painted area at the edges.

To begin, I set up staging planks on both sides of the boat.  This would give me access during spraying; as with other parts of the deck of this boat, spray access was a challenge to overcome before beginning.  To gain enough height, I stacked several of my staging planks atop one another one each side.


At the cockpit edges, where the new paint needed to be transitioned into previously-painted area, I worked through several steps to prepare.  First, I laid down a masking tape border at the (already painted) outboard edge, about 1/2" from the edge.  Then, I added masking paper and more tape outboard of this, since I don't trust rolls of plastic sheeting to be perfectly hole-free, and also the paper was a better boundary for the s praying since it would absorb overspray rather than have it land on the surface of the nonstick plastic only to be flaked off later during future steps.

Finally, I added a strip of foam masking tape, which would help the transition be as smooth and seamless as possible.  To help hold the foam in place, I taped over its outer reaches.


In the cockpit, I masked up the pilothouse door and window, some access port cutouts, the scuppers, and the lazarette hatch opening.  Afterwards, I vacuumed and solvent-washed (two rounds) the whole area, the final step in its preparation.




To access certain areas of the deep cockpit, I'd need to start the spraying from within, so to protect the areas on which I'd need to trod, I installed some patches of paper.  While working from within was not a desirable step, I couldn't see a way around it in order to reach all areas.

Once I got the inaccessible areas sprayed from inside the well, I'd remove the paper and spray the remainder from the staging.

Afterwards, I worked on the shop to prepare, and set up spray equipment and paint for the primer work ahead.


Total Time Today:  5.75 Hours

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