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Project Log:  Thursday, January 1, 2015

And so begins another year which, inevitably, suggests a time of reflection on the year just past. 

I made a lot of progress on the boat in 2014, wrapping up the exterior paint work--finally--which allowed me to at last move on to closing in (weatherproofing) the boat with her ports and windows, and installing new hatches and deck hardware, and some long-postponed work to rebuild the head compartment and other critical areas.

Review:  last year's punch list as of 1/11/14

Still, much had changed since the beginning of the project in 2010.  Our plans for the boat were less definite than at the onset of the project, and as a result I continually reassessed and reworked the final to-do list to reflect changing requirements and to simplify the jobs.  This also required me to re-evaluate what I was pushing for back in May 2014, and why.  The net result was that I stepped away from the idea of launching and trials, and enjoyed other pursuits for the several months of summer.  Frankly, this was a great relief.

With enhanced clarity of vision, and a renewed eagerness to complete the project once and for all, I got back into the swing of things in the fall, and focused on wrapping up all the final bits of trim work and details required to edge the project through that final, time-consuming 5%.  By year's end, I'd made good and satisfying inroads to the list, working steadily but at a much more pleasant pace that kept the job fun.

Revised Project Punch List 1/1/2015
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