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Project Log:  Wednesday, December 31, 2014

First off, I installed four (two per door) door catches on the locker doors, screwing them into the doors and the newly-installed backing blocks as needed.


To finish off the corners in the forward hatch coaming, where the curved hatch extrusion and the square coaming met, I prepared some angled pieces of solid wood of appropriate size to fit in the corner and available space.  To finish off the bottom edges of these little pieces, I cut them at a 45° angle on the bottom edge, allowing them to die out into the corner before reaching the bottom of the coaming.  I secured the corners with glue and brads.



I removed all the new trim from the forward cabin overhead, labeling each piece as I did so, the brought them down to the shop for final edge milling (roundover), sanding clean and smooth, and finishing with a coat of tung oil.  I'd apply additional coats of the oil over the next few days as time allowed.


Once I'd removed the trim from around the hatch coaming, I applied a coat of primer to the wood, including the lower edge even though this would be covered with the trim again soon.


Total Time Today:  3.25 hours

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