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Project Log:  Sunday, January 25, 2015

I continued work on the lazarette hatch, anxious to get the structural work completed.  I was pleased with how the forward corners I molded worked out, with smooth, fair rounded corners and, even at this early stage, strong and stiff enough to support themselves and the next lamination steps.


Next, I trimmed the ragged edge with a sander, bringing the top edge flush with the adjacent edging material.  At the same time, I sanded a bevel on the new balsa core, which would allow the fiberglass inner skin to lay over it cleanly.  The fiberglass I'd begun at the corners was inset from the outside perimeter of the hatch, leaving me room--and small flanges on the adjacent material--to install additional laminations.



To finish up the core installation and basic structure, I prepared a layer of 1708 material to fit over the core and within the footprint of the hatch's interior, then laminated it with epoxy resin.  At the same time, I added layers of 1708 material to the rounded corners, one on the inside to tie things together there, and a couple on the outside, which I kept inside the stepped recessed area.  The ends of these short exterior strips wanted to peel away, so I used small clamps to hold the material in place as needed.  I let the strips run wild top and bottom for later trimming.



Total Time Today:  1.25 Hours

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